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Fototapet.com is a company that operates in the field of interior design.

The design of the website started in 2019 with the main objectives of improving the online presence and improving the user experience on the site.

Fototapet Fullpage Capture

Euro Real Estate

Euroreal.estate is a real estate company.
The design of the website started in 2018 with the main purpose of generating an online presence.

EurorealEstate Fullpage Capture

Elections Are Coming

The main purpose of the website is to ensure the visibility of the project.

The design of the site is made to attract the attention of young people who are going to show their right to vote for the first time.

Electionsarecoming Fullpage Capture

Mountain Landscape

The Graphic Project "Mountain Landscape" aimed at prolonging the initial image, in a natural fashion, in order to fit the entire landscape in a strongly elongated format.

Mountain Landscape

Clock Mechanism

The Graphic Project "Clock Mechanism" came to life in 2018.
The design was developed from scratch, at a high quality resolution, following the specifications offered by the beneficiary, paying attention to even the most small details.

Clock Mechanism

Cazare Anuta

Casa Anuta is located in Breaza, 23 km from Sinaia and 43 km from Predeal The development of the Website started in December 2019 in order to integrate this property in the online environment through its own website, thus increasing its visibility, accessibility and credibility.

Cazare Anuta Fullpage Capture